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Change is hard!

Change in business can be even harder. Whether you are an existing business needing to adapt to the rapidly changing digitally powered economy, or a new business seeing opportunity in new and evolving spaces, change is essential.

Pangolin Capital has been formed to enable business leaders, of businesses established and new, to drive change and adapt to the digital economy and market as it is today, and as it will be in the future.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services to assist Innovators in creating, operating and evolving their digital economy business. We do this by focusing in three key strategic elements of success in the digital economy:


All change starts with an idea; A vision to see that things can (or should) be done differently, or that a new and important market opportunity is ahead.

Pangolin Advisory brings everything you need to turn that idea into a real, executable plan.

We bring to you established, world-class tools and processes to help flesh out your idea. We provide access to a worldwide network of genuine experts across many fields and we have the specialist expertise to help guide you through the development and execution of your market position and value proposition.

Whether you are a new business seeing to leverage that great opportunity, or an established business which needs to adapt to the digital economy. Pangolin Advisory can provide the guidance and tools you need for success.


Executing on your idea takes investment.

Investment presents one of the most significant challenges for businesses seeking to innovate and grow in the digital economy.

At the heart of the investment challenge is not only working out how much investment you need, and where it is coming from, but most importantly WHEN to take that investment.

Too many new digital economy businesses fall prey to taking money too early, or when they are not fully equipped to leverage any investment that they receive.

Pangolin Capital works with our Innovators and our Investor Partners to establish the right investment strategy. Our services span all four key stages of the digital economy business lifecycle: CREATION, FOUNDATION, EXPANSION and CONSOLIDATION.

We work to make our Innovator businesses best ready for investment, and to deliver the right risk / return profile for our investors.

It is a different approach, focused on maximising value for innovators and investors alike.


An idea is one thing, but a working business that spends and receives money, serves customers, hires people, buys stuff, advertises – you know, is in business – needs work.

Our experience has shown that putting together all the mechanics of “being in business” is often outside the expertise of Innovators. Even worse, it can distract them from the core work of realising their digital economy business vision.

Pangolin Services brings together high-quality expert service providers to provide the engine-room of a successful digital economy business. We know that every successful business needs legal support, finance and accounting, help with finding, developing and managing the right people, and top-class technology delivery and support.

We stand with you to ensure that we manage the business of being in business, and you focus on changing the world!


Pangolin Capital believes that we will make a difference by empowering Innovators to build successful digital economy businesses. We can provide the skills and experience to turn that idea into a real plan, the money to make it possible and the support and services to make it a success.

Contact Us if you are an Innovator with a powerful idea, or an Investor seeking to drive change and build value.

Welcome to Pangolin Capital.

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