The Inno-vesting Era: A New Approach to Investing in the Digital Economy

Pangolin Capital is a next-generation investment partner for businesses seeking to enter, grow-in or transform for the digital economy.

The data tells us over 70% of startups fail. An intimidating statistic facing any entrepreneur, or any existing business faced with the daunting task of reinventing to thrive – more than survive – in the digital economy.

Our mission is to ensure that the businesses we invest in; the founders, owners and change agents  – the Innovators – we partner with, fall at the top of that successful 30%.

Pangolin Capital brings together the right combination of resources to help your business succeed.

Money is just a small piece of the formula for success. Many “well funded” businesses are among those which fail. We bring deep skills in digital business / marketing / transformation, mentoring through the development of your idea or transformation, through to the backbone of services needed for every digital business.

Our vision is successful partnerships, built on the strong chemistry of entrepreneurialism, sound commercial experience and an untiring focus on execution.

“Anything that is measured and watched, improves.”

– Bob Parsons, GoDaddy founder

Our experience has shown that not every successful business in the digital economy will start “at the same place.” Our approach is to work with Innovators to determine a sound strategy for their digital business with appropriate investment solution based on which of these four stages they are currently at in their growth journey:

  1. Creation Investments
  2. Foundation Investments
  3. Expansion Investments
  4. Consolidation Investments

1. Creation Investments

Sometimes, terrific opportunities are born of a new idea. As markets change, new spaces and opportunities emerge for Innovators with the right idea to build and grow a new business.

Taking any business from being an idea to becoming a real, working business is challenging. Any successful business is built on strong foundations for the truly innovative (technology design, development, testing and implementation) and the seemingly mundane (business processes and controls, marketing, brand building).

Pangolin Capital is different from most other investment partners. We stand alongside our Creator Innovators to bring together all the pieces needed to transform a great idea into a successful business.

2. Foundation Investments

For some Innovators, a Pangolin Capital partnership brings strategic value once the foundations for a digital economy business have already been laid. Foundation Innovators will partner with us either because they have done much of the work to test their idea or opportunity, or because the genesis of the opportunity is to transform or pivot an existing business.

Pangolin Capital works with our Foundation Innovators to ready their developing digital economy business for the next stage of growth. In addition to working with our network of investor partners, we work to ensure that the Foundation business is ready for this next stage of growth for all technology, operational, brand and core governance dimensions of the business.

3. Expansion Investments

In the digital economy, good businesses grow quickly. Being ready for this growth is critical to success. Unprepared digital economy businesses mean failure to deliver, to meet expectations of customers and, importantly, to realise the opportunity you have created.

Pangolin Capital beings together the ingredients necessary to prepare your digital economy business for sustained expansion and growth. Our experienced team of experts will work with our Expansion Innovators to bring together the right teams, systems, partners and processes to deliver success. Backed by strong partnerships with value-adding investor partners, the Pangolin Capital approach will ensure that every dimension compliments, and builds value for, all others.

4. Consolidation Investments

Building market share for your successful digital economy business is key to long-term success. It is the nature of many “new markets” to be populated with myriad players early on, all vying for their space. Some will be more successful than others, and many will fail.

For our Consolidation Innovators, these market cycles present opportunities to build market share, or to add to the value of their digital economy business.

Pangolin Capital partners with our Consolidation Innovators on strategy, evaluation, execution and consolidation of acquired businesses. Our services range from strategy development, market evaluation and due diligence, through transaction services and deal construction, to execution and implementation.

Pangolin Advisory Network

People and partnerships will drive the success of any digital economy business as much as “the big idea” on which it is based. Successful execution means having a business which is strong in all dimensions; the innovative and market changing, and the operational and seemingly mundane.

Pangolin Advisory Network provides access to a global network of experienced, domain experts across all dimensions needed to ensure success of our Pangolin Capital Innovators and their business. Innovators are able to draw on this expertise at all stages and for engagements ranging from short-term strategic contributions to longer-term embedded engagements.


The power of the Pangolin Capital boils down to one key promise – by leveraging experienced domain experts and our best in class shared services, the Innovators can stick to what they are good at, thereby drastically improving their chances of beating the odds and making it big in the digital economy.

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